Chain-link Fence

Chain-link Fence

Brand Name: ChunRong

Origin: Anping

Certification: ISO9001

Port: Xin Gang,Tianjin



Corrosion Resistant Chain Link Wire Mesh Fencing For The Best Protection
There are a lot of areas where chain link wire mesh fencing is done for ultimate protection. Be it on railway siding, or a sports area separator, or a civil construction area or a playground, chain link wire mesh are very much useful as a fencing supported with their highly corrosion resistant wire mesh, galvanized wires and PVC/ Zinc coated structures. These wire mesh designs have inherent flexibility and can offer adequate protection against unauthorized trespassing while offering an aesthetically sober fencing at desired locations.
We at Great Gabion Wall offer you smart and highly treated chain link wire mesh fencing depending upon your utility and installation. You can choose from a wide range of wired and coated options with a smooth finishing touch. With hot-dip galvanization, PVC coating and corrosion resistant coating, these chain link wire mesh are ideal for fencing at residential and commercial complexes with considerable levels of aestheticism and security. The wire mesh fencing can be customized for various fencing requirements due to its flexible shape and size and can be used with wider scope of operations. Whether its motorway siding or railway siding or even a simple animal fencing or protection of a sports utility area, these chain link wire mesh fencing are ideal for every type of fencing with its durability and simple installation.
Specification: Customization Available

Wire Diameter


Mesh Size

50mm x 50mm


2000mm x4000mm

Longitudinal Post


Crestline Post


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