Rockfall Protection Net

Rockfall Protection Net

Brand Name: ChunRong

Origin: Anping

Certification: ISO9001

Port: Xin Gang,Tianjin



High Quality Wire Mesh Rockfall Protection Net
Made with a continuous roll of mesh wire, which can be further customized into various mesh structures, our rockfall protection netting can be highly customized depending upon the area of application and tensile strength requirement. We offer highly treated, galvanized and zinc/ galfan coated wire mesh which is proven to offer protection even if a few strands break loose from the entire rockfall protection net. 
Individual wires are rolled and netted together to form a wire mesh net that can control the fall of loose rocks through its curtain like ability. It also allows stabilization of loose rock surface by facilitating vegetation and growth of shrubs and plants on slopes. This allows you to preserve the nature along with protecting rockfalls and thereby avoiding second degree accidents.
With rockfall protection netting you will get the advantage of strong triple (or more) twisted net, that will not unravel in case of break of any single wire from the mesh (as it happens in case of chain-link mesh). Hence rockfall protection net with wire mesh designs could be much more effective for rock fall protection and help in nurturing greenery along with protecting erosions.  

1.     Material:

a)    Galvanized wire: quality low carbon steel wire, the diameter is between 2.0mm and 4.0mm, tensile strength of wire is more than 380Mpa, surface is protected by hot-dipped galvanized coating which can achieve 300g/㎡ for customer requirement.
b)    Galfan coated wire: Its corrosion resistance is three times stronger than regular zinc-coating wire. Diameter can be between 1.0mm and 3.0mm, tensile strength of wire is more than 1380Mpa
c)    PVC coated on galvanized wire
d)    PVC coated on galfan coated wire
2.     Application:

a)    Slope protection
b)    Greening rock slope

3.     The detailed specification as follow:

Mesh Sizes

Rockfall Protection Net


Wire Diameter(mm)














Heavily galvanized or galfan coated wire

2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0


PVC coated on heavily galvanized or galfan coated wire

2.0/3.0, 2.2/3.2, 2.4/3.4, 2.7/3.7, 2.0/4.0





Customization Available

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